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10 Reasons Why Some Young people Choose To Tave Sex

Sexuality can be a tricky topic for many young people. There can be … And you know what – it’s not always that simple.

Here, we’ll explore common reasons why young people choose to have sex …. First off, you should know that not everyone is doing it.

1. Peer pressure
Many young people feel great pressure from other teenagers to become sexually active. In fact this is the number one reason that teens have sex. Teens do not want to be different or be rejected by their friends. Teens with low self-esteem are particularly vulnerable to peer pressure.

2. Pressure from a partner
The inability to say “NO” is the number two reason that teens get involved in sexual activity. It is difficult to say “NO” especially to someone we care about. Practicing refusal skills can enable teens to have the self-confidence to effectively say “NO”.

3. Sexual attraction
We are sexual beings so it’s natural that we are sexually attracted to others. Without sex, the human race would become extinct! Hormone pressure in teens is very real and can produce intense sexual desires. However, these urges are controllable. Human beings have the power to choose whether or not to have sex.

4. Social and media pressure
We are constantly bombarded with sexual messages in the movies, TV shows, magazine ads, and billboards. The producers of these messages are taking advantage of our responsiveness to sexual stimuli to make a profit. Of course, they often fail to include information about any of the consequences of sex such as disease or pregnancy. It’s not easy to resist this constant sexual bombardment.

5. Desire to be seen by others as “normal”
Teens mistakenly think that “everyone is doing it”. The truth is that the majority of teens (54%) graduate high school as virgins.

6. Parental example of permissiveness
Just as there are some parents who have a problem with abuse of alcohol or drugs, some parents abuse sex. It’s natural for young people to be influenced by their parents’ example.

7. Wrong kind of sex education
Sex education programs that merely give the facts about sex in a “value neutral” way and imply that the only issue to be concerned about is whether or not you are using a condom have been shown to be very ineffective in helping teens make responsible decisions.

8. Boredom
Many teenagers site being “bored” and “have nothing better to do” as the reasons for their sexually involvement.

9. Alcohol and Drugs
The use of alcohol and drugs increase your drive for pleasure and increase you willingness to take risks by decreasing your inhibitions and impairing good judgment.

10. The desire to be loved
Guys use love to get sex and girls use sex to get love. Girls often give in to the lines and sexual advances of guys believing that they will receive love in return.

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