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18:+ 10 Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

For a guy, there will always be those amazing features that will make him fall surrendered at the feet of a woman, there are attitudes or appearances that greatly appeal to men because they happen to match what they seek.

By the contrary, in the following list, you will know what men find unattractive in women, in general. But watch out, there are things that are too archaic and exaggerated, in addition to applying to them also.

Needy and demanding of attention: Guys do not like girls who leave everything for them, who set aside to themselves and want to spend all the time next to their partner. They do not like girls who have emotional, social or economic dependence, in fact, they distrust them a little.

Being possessive or bossy: They do not like girls who control all the time and tell them what to do or what to say. They do not like pressure or senseless jealousy attacks, in addition to the insistent calls or messages demanding to know where he is and what he is doing.

Negative and pessimistic: They do not like women who live complaining and lamenting about the life they have. They prefer women who have control of their lives and struggle to achieve their dreams no matter what happens along the way.

Smoking too much: Men do not want to kiss a woman who smells like cigarette smoke, which can be as unpleasant as bad breath. Well, for all of us in general.

Very groomed hair: They do not like girls who wear too many products in their hair or think more of their own hair than anything else because they associate it with the lack of transparency that they may have in any type of relationship.

Too much perfume: It is something that frightens us all, feeling too much perfume on someone can provoke a headache, it turns out to be an exaggeration and even a little unpleasant to feel such a strong a scent.

Unshaven legs or underarms: While some do not care, there are other men who hate to see and feel those women who have not shaved in days. They want to touch something soft, and body hair often reminds them, other men, so they always prefer depilated women. Although let’s be honest, they should do the same with their beard.

Too much makeup: If there is something they do not like, it is too much makeup, men hate having to kiss a girl carrying kilos of lipstick on the mouth. They prefer the natural or just a little bit of makeup.

Bad breath: Well, actually no one likes to be around someone who smells bad, it is something that kills passions in anyone, so they should also be concerned about it.

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