18+: 3 Quick Ways To Keep The Spark Alive in Your Relationship


Life has many challenges and there is so much to do – work, friends, family and many other commitments. These can swallow up your time and result in couples neglecting their relationship. But, you need to take time to connect on a romantic level so that you keep the spark alive in your relationship.

There are many ways to do this, and this includes thinking out of the box. Find commonalities and turn them into activities you can both enjoy.

1. Do not stop dating

Thandi Ngongelo, a marriage counsellor based in Durban, says that married couples should not stop dating. You should date until your last day on earth. It’s important for couples to establish routine date nights earlier in the relationship so that it becomes a habit that continues into old age. “You must have your own special day or evening that you commit to focusing on each other,” she says.

2. Rediscover yourself

Think back to the time when you used to get excited about being with each other. Who were you before your responsibilities took over or before you had children? Find that person and strive to be good partners to each other.

3. Two words: Undivided attention

We live in a time of gadgets and social media – and it’s so easy to get carried away and forget that there is someone living with you.

Don’t forget about each other, and remember, time together should not be a selfish act where you only do what one person likes. It shouldn’t be a venting session either, but about rediscovering each other’s interests.

Put the kids to bed early, switch off the TV, cellphones and any other gadgets that may distract you. Try reading a book, going to the gym or taking walks together. It’s essential to make opportunities available so that you can spend quality time together

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