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18: Five Dating Trends That Have So Far Taken Over 2017

The advancement in technology in the 21st century has taken dating to a whole new level and this has necessitated the springing up of new trends. 2017 has especially brought up new trends that are used to describe all the happenings in the online dating world.

Being familiar with some of these dating terms can be very important as they may determine your success or otherwise in the online dating world. Here are five dating trends that have so far taken over the online dating world in 2017.

Slow Fade
The slow fade is another variation of ghosting but appears to be even more strung-out. While a ghost tends to pull out instantly, a slow-fader gradually makes less and less effort to keep in touch in the hope that the other person will give up.

Slow fade seems to be a cowardly way of pulling out of relationships because anyone with a bit of spine would have mercy on the other person and put the relationship out of its misery, rather than slowly presenting a colder and colder shoulder that makes communication difficult instead of just simply saying to ‘I’m just not that into you’.

Another term that has been used to refer to cushioning is lay-by. This term can be likened to you putting down a deposit at the moment for something and planning to pay the rest later. As such, Cushioning refers to when someone in a relationship lays down some groundwork with a potential target.

The groundwork may include sending a few flirty messages that are just enough to let them know you’re interested, but nothing that is too obvious that you would not be able to justify it to your partner. This means that when your relationship falls over, you have somebody ready and waiting to help ‘cushion’ the effects of the break-up.

This dating trend is named in honour of the Canadian rapper/ R ’n’ B singer, Drake who more or less made his name by talking about his relationship dramas in his song. Draking is what that your friend that is unlucky-in-love does on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social media apps by plastering their feed with emotional song lyrics or inspirational quotes, that cryptically refers to their last heartbreak.

This affliction commonly affects women than men and more and more people are following this trend.

Ghosting refers to vanishing into thin air entirely but benching is different in that it involves the occasional check-in just to keep you on the hook. Someone that intends to ‘bench’ you is one that you would have gone on a couple of dates and struck up a decent chemistry with but you somehow never get to planning another date.

It could be that they’re busy with work or they are dating other prospects they consider stronger. Whatever the reason maybe, they are still reasonably interested in you but not quite enough to call you from the bench into the game yet.

Ghosting is a term that we have basically been used to before 2017 and it is more or less a sudden disappearance where you totally ignore all contact. This year has however introduced a more terrifying concept to the dating vocabulary: haunting.

Whereas someone that is ghosting will be totally invisible, a haunter is someone who lingers in the shadows of social media, and who occasionally clicks the like button or views your Snapchat instead of silently lurking around like most people do.

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