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18+: Importance Of Sex In Physical Relationship

Marriage is an important event in the lives of many. Marriage is usually considered the beginning of a family, even for those couples who have been together for a long time. Deciding to get married means that the two are ready for a life-long commitment and raise a family of their own.

A happy marriage depends on multiple factors, mutual love for each other being the foremost one. Two people who love each other tend to find a way to be together despite the many ups and downs throughout their marriage. Respect, open communication and physical intimacy are equally important for a successful marriage.

Human beings are programmed to seek sex. It is a desire innate within all of us, and we tend to fulfil this desire with our partner. Sex is an important part of marriage. It carries numerous emotional and physical benefits for both, the husband and the wife as well as their relationship. Sex is a necessity for a happy married life for the following reasons.

1. Increased levels of commitment

Sex, in all, is about intimacy, pleasure and sexual expression. Sex helps builds a stronger bond between the couple and develop a deeper sense of intimacy in a loving relationship. The loving physical contact releases endorphins that help induce a feeling of well-being and the feeling of being loved. These endorphins also increase the desire to bond between spouses, resulting in cuddling and holding each other specifically right after sex.

They feel the attraction towards each other and being aware of the fact that your partner is attracted to you helps boost self-esteem. It makes them feel desirable and much more confident in their daily lives. Moreover, being able to satisfy each other sexually, spouses tend to connect emotionally. Sexual satisfaction is closely related to the overall quality of life.

Sex, in all, is about intimacy, pleasure and sexual expression

2. Elevated moods

Physical intimacy brings about a positive attitude. Both the partners feel good about themselves as well as realize that their partner is still very much interested in them. This helps reduce insecurity, especially among women and make the spouses want each other more. Having an attraction for each other results in no tension among the spouses and sex is never considered a responsibility but rather an act of pleasing and attaining pleasure. Moreover, sex is known to relieves depression and reduce levels of stress.

3. Health benefits

Sexual activity has numerous health benefits. According to a research, people who have sex regularly lead healthier lifestyles than others as sex helps improve overall fitness.

4· Youthful appearance

It is has been proven by countless studies that regular sex can make you look younger. Sex makes you sweat a lot that leads to a flushing out the toxins from your skin, leaving behind a dewy glow. Your heart also beats fasters during sex, improving blood circulation and leaving behind a flushed effect on the skin. Moreover, we usually use our facial muscles to express ourselves during a sexual encounter resulting in decreased wrinkles.

It is has been proven by countless studies that regular sex can make you look younger.

5. Improved immunity

Physical intimacy also leads to the release of an antibody called immunoglobulin A. This helps protect the body fight against diseases. It also helps release other anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body that repair worn out and damaged tissues in the body and hence, enhance immunity.

6· Lighter periods in women

This is an added benefit of sex for women. Most women experience severe cramps during their menstrual periods. Regular sex can help reduce cramping because of the frequent contraction of the uterus. This helps expel pain-causing toxins and tissues from the body, leading to a lighter period that ends quick.

7· Better sleep

Oxytocin is released during orgasm achieved through sexual activity. Oxytocin carries a calming effect and the ability to promote a much peaceful sleep for both the partners.

Oxytocin is released during orgasm achieved through sexual activity

8· Relieved bodily pains

Oxytocin is also responsible for relieving body pains such as headaches, etc. The compound is also known for reducing cardiac issues.

9. Family extension

Many couples decide to have children post-marriage and tend to have them within a few years of getting married. With children, couples tend to come closer to each other, and their love for each other only grows. Not only the joy of becoming parents from their union is what knits them together, but it is also seen, husbands tend to take care of wives much more during pregnancy.

Wrapping up

Although sex can be pleasurable with anyone, the emotional need can only be fulfilled with someone you love. This may only be achieved when you are in a long-term relationship such as marriage. Sex is essential in marriage to thrive and carry that ‘spark’ for years and years.

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