18+: Relationship

Relationship is a crucial step in becoming who God has Made you to become, Its an advantageous device available to you according to your Understanding of Utilization.

Relationships are seeds that we Sow as we Grow. It is a vital part of discovering your Potentials, Maximizing and Understanding them properly.

A life devoid of relationship is a life on the road of destruction, you need men to speak for you, help and sponsor what you do, protect what you respect.

Relationship is the key to unlocking God’s glory in your life, relationship determines how far you will go in life and how well you will know, building and investing in quality relationship is the way of building yourself, when you understand that two do not meet until, they agree then you will understand the importance of relationship.

Relationship are currencies, that determines your next level of success, your best friend brings out the best in you. If you associate eagles, you will learn to soar to greater height proverbs 27:19b (TLB).

The most important set of people in our lives are “Foundation level” such individual brings out the best in us to have faith and confidence and to see things from God’s perspective ecc 4:9-10. “Consider the postage stamp, its usefulness consist in ability to stick to something until it gets there “.

True friends are as such. Relationship are key to every destination, in the process of being the most valuable product, it remains a company that can’t be excluded in your journey as you sojourn through life.

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