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18+: Sleeping Around Doesn’t Guarantee That You Will Get Someone To to Marry You

It might have worked for A, and it will never work for B.

Do these 4 things.

  1. Face God’s Plan for your life and chase it.

  2. Beautify your Spirit, Soul and Body and be attractive.

  3. Avoid bad character that chase away suitors.

  4. Believe God for a life partner.

As you are sleeping around in the NAME of looking for a life partner and you die in an accident or via sickness, where do you think you are going HEAVEN or HELL?

Brother A slept around to get Sister B.

And you follow their step. Have you asked IF THEIR NAMES ARE IN THE BOOK OF LIFE?

They might be happily married on earth, but they will languish in Hell for disobeying God.

If you are a Couple and you got married the wrong way, please use today to ASK the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you.

I don’t care what GRACE preachers are preaching, the Bible instructed we shouldn’t defile the bed before marriage.

If for any reason you have been involved in sexual acts that has contravened God’s instructions, do this.

  1. Reconcile with God.
  2. Take a stand against it.
  3. Get an Accountability Partner who works with you to maintain your decision and fire.

As I am preaching to you, I am preaching to MYSELF.

Nobody is excluded from this. Both married and single. If you have disobeyed God in any way, go and RECONCILE with your God.

Those Grace preaching you are hearing that is making you wallow more in sin will not answer for you on that day.

Pray with me:

Lord Jesus, I confess my sins before You and I ask You to forgive me. Today, March 26, 2019, I take a decision not to indulge in sexual acts that defile my body, Your temple.

I ask the Holy Spirit to help me maintain this decision, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Someone saying this praying and taking a stand against Sex Before Marriage, before September 2019 ending GOD will honor you with a befitting life partner.

Honor GOD and see Him change your story.

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