1. Read a book every day

  2. Learn a new language

  3. Pick up a new hobby

  4. Take up a new course

  5. Create an inspirational room

  6. Overcome your fears

  7. Level up your skills

  8. Wake up early

  9. Have a weekly exercise routine

  10. Start your life handbook

  11. Write a letter to your future self

  12. Get out of your comfort zone

  13. Put someone up to a challenge

  14. Identify your blind spots

  15. Ask for feedback

  16. Stay focused with to-do lists

  17. Set Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs)

  18. Acknowledge your flaws

  19. Get into action

  20. Learn from people who inspire you

  21. Quit a bad habit

  22. Cultivate a new habit

  23. Avoid negative people

  24. Learn to deal with difficult people

  25. Learn from your friends

  26. Start a journal

  27. Start a blog about personal development

  28. Get a mentor or coach

  29. Reduce the time you spend on chat programs

  30. Learn chess (or any strategy game)

  31. Stop watching TV

  32. Start a 30-day challege

  33. Meditate

  34. Join Toastmasters (Learn public speaking)

  35. Befriend top people in their fields

  36. Let go of the past

  37. Start a business venture

  38. Show kindness to people around you

  39. Reach out to the people who hate you

  40. Take a break

  41. Read at least 1 personal development article a day

  42. Commit to your personal growth

© Source: Lifehack

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