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5 Workout Moves That Will Trend In 2019

From the latest fitness classes to old workout moves that are staying a comeback,here are all the trendy and fun ways to get fit in 2019.

Kickbiking, also known as adult scootering, takes the scooter you enjoyed as a kid and turns it into a fun workout tool. Unlike some fitness programs, this is as simple as it gets: If you know how to use a scooter, then you know how to do this workout,.

Kickbiking provides a super low impact cardio exercise that is a perfect alternative to running or cycling. It works your entire lower body, especially your calves and butt, and engages your core. It is a very effective cross-training workout for marathon and triathlon training and also quite effective in rehabilitation from injuries and post surgery.

Pop star Dance Workouts
Dancing is a perennial workout favourite but the type of dance fitness changes frequently. The latest dance trend for 2019 is the Banana Skirt Dance. It teaches hip-hop and pop choreography straight from artists like Britney Spears, J.Lo, and Nicki Minaj but in an entirely fun way.

It’s appropriate for all fitness and skill levels but classes are only being offered in New York City and Washington, DC, but look for them to expand in 2019. Alternatively, you can try the Zumba, a dance fitness class that is similar to the pop star Dance.

The 15-minute Workout
if time is your greatest obstacle to do out, there are 15-minutes or less work out routines that can be beneficial for you. But can you really get a good workout in such a short amount of time? Using the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) protocol you can.

Getting your heart rate way up for short periods of time is tough but it has major metabolic benefits that can give you the desired effect.

Mindfulness And Marathons
These two are perhaps the biggest workout trends. There’s running simply for building fitness and there’s running for stress reduction. While exercise is a great way to reduce stress, the wrong approach to exercise can exacerbate the physical symptoms of stress including joint aches, persistent fatigue, disrupted sleep cycles, and increased mental stress of feeling that you ‘should be’ exercising more.

So forget hitting the pavement (and your joints) in an attempt to break your personal best; the new running method is about focusing on your posture, breathing, and surroundings so that you’ll feel sweaty but also relaxed at the end of your workout.

Super-slow Weightlifting
in 2019, the emphasis will still be on weightlifting, a crucial part of any well-rounded fitness program, but instead of seeing how many reps you can return in a certain time frame, you go as s-l-o-w as possible, making each movement deliberate.

This not only ensures that you’re getting the most out of every heavy rep but it cuts down on injuries and burnout. Past fitness trends have been all about competition but this new trend is the opposite—it’s about focusing on yourself and what’s best for your own body.

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