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6 Painful Signs Your Relationship Is Hurting You More Than Helping You

Once you engage in a love relationship, you actually don’t think about the potential problems. You don’t think that your partner might change somewhere along the road and that he will start doing some nasty things.

You keep thinking that everything will be just perfect and that you will live happily ever after. But in most cases, it doesn’t happen like that. In most cases, what was sweet and nice at the beginning transforms into something you don’t recognize anymore.

And that is where that little voice inside you keeps you asking if you made a good call when you chose the person you are living with. And no matter how much you want to turn it off, you can’t. It reminds you that you are not happy.

It tells you that you should admit that to yourself and do something about it. I know nobody would love to have a situation where the romantic relationship they are engaged in harms them more than it helps but that is the way things work sometimes. We can’t all have that twin flame love and things are sometimes bad for a reason.

And if you are still not sure that your relationship is not healthy for you, read the following signs. If you recognize yourself in most of them, my advice would be to run as far as you can!

1. You don’t trust him

You have been with your partner for a long time and during that process, he hurt you a lot. And even if he said he was sorry for everything bad that he did, you can’t forgive him completely.

There is that unpleasant feeling inside you and no matter how much you would like to trust him and give all of yourself to him, you simply can’t. You start being suspicious of him and at one point, you catch yourself trying to find signs he’s cheating.

You don’t trust him when he tells you where he was or whom he was with. You always need someone else to confirm that he was where he said he was. And you live like that from day to day but you don’t have enough strength to leave him.

That is a definite sign that your relationship does more harm to you than brings you joy.

2. You are not as happy as before

Since you are focused more on your partner, you have totally neglected yourself and your own interests. You don’t know when was the last time you went for a coffee with your friends. You don’t do the things you used to do before because you only think about him and your relationship.

Every step you take comes only with his affirmation and every decision that you make is something he has decided. You feel that you are slowly losing yourself over someone who doesn’t even give a damn about you.

But even if you know that you are living in a toxic environment, you don’t want to let it go. You think that things will get better and that he just needs some time.

3. Your friends are warning you something is wrong

Let’s face it—our friends sometimes know us better than we know ourselves. Just bear in mind that they have been a part of our life for ages and they know if we are not okay.

So, if your best friend comes along and says that she sees that something is wrong with you, then you should ask yourself what you do and how you behave so she would think that.

If she, as an observer, was able to see that you are not okay, just think about what you really look like and what condition you are in. That is a sign that obviously something is bothering you so check if that is the man you share a bed with.

4. You are afraid of him

If you constantly walk on eggshells because you are afraid of your partner’s reaction, it is definitely a sign that your relationship hurts you more than it makes you happy.

Even if you can see signs that he likes you, you should also pay attention to all those times when he is acting badly toward you. You should be happy and fulfilled with the man you love and not afraid of his reaction every time you say something he doesn’t like.

That is not the life you deserve and the sooner you realize that the easier it will be for you to leave. Just think about the future with a man like that—if he behaves like that now, you can only imagine how he will act later when he sees you will stay and put up with his crap.

5. You are emotionally numb

If you feel that you are not as happy as you were before and that the man you love transformed into someone you never thought he would, it is time to decide if you still want to stay with him.

I know many women who stayed in an abusive and toxic relationship just because they thought their partner would change but that never happened. And day by day they forgot to take care of themselves, focusing only on their partner’s needs. Those women have been neglected, not loved enough or at all and their partner took them for granted.

And in all that mess they felt they became comfortably numb. They felt they couldn’t laugh anymore or feel deeply like before. Those women totally lost themselves over a man who couldn’t care less about them. And if this I am mentioning right now rings any bells, it means that you are living like this every day. And it is about time to end it!

6. You are not sure if you love him anymore

You somehow feel that there is no day where you don’t ask yourself the same question: ‘Do I like him?’ And no matter how much you want to get an answer to that question, you can’t.

You are confused by all those feelings you have inside and you can’t figure out whether he is the right man for you or not. You are torn between the good times and the bad and you are not sure if he deserves a second chance.

You just know that you don’t love him like as you used to and you are wondering if he loves you anymore. And there is no day you can be calm and sure about your feelings as you always have that question that eats you alive. Trust me, that is not what real love is. That is not even life. It is survival.

And I don’t know how long you will be able to endure that kind of treatment. So, my advice—run as fast as you can!

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