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6 Romantic Things You Can Do With Your Partner After Sex

We pay so much attention to the things that happen before sex. and during that we completely forget about the most important part of that intimate moment—the one after climax.

The time we spend with our partner after sex is the time we really connect. Even though the whole sexual experience can be bonding, what happens right after it is what sets apart sex from lovemaking.

If one partner leaves too soon, the other one might feel unsatisfied, and even if they just had the best sex in their life, the feeling of emptiness will ruin everything. That’s why we should never take lightly activities you do after sex.

There are some romantic things you can do after sex that will make you and your partner closer:

1. Take a bubble bath together

You can also take a shower together, depending on the free time you have and on your preferences. But somehow, bubble baths simply seem more romantic.

Sex can be messy and dirty figuratively and literally speaking, so having a bath later can help you refresh.

Having a bubble bath gives you an opportunity to cuddle, exchange kisses, talk and give each other a back rub. It’s really a perfect place to bond with your partner.

2. Cuddling & Snuggling

So simple but surely one of the very best things in life. Cuddling and snuggling speak languages of their own. They can tell you a lot about your partner’s feelings even when they don’t say much.

Cuddling after sex is an indicator that your partner is not just there for sex. They felt the same connection as you did. They enjoyed every moment they spend cuddling and snuggling with you.

It seems like cuddling after sex should be mandatory. No matter if it lasts longer or shorter it’s always special. It’s warm, emotional, and it makes you both feel closer to one another.

3. Light-hearted conversation

Deep conversations and heavy subjects are not good or romantic after-sex activities. If you have topics like that, you should save them for some other occasions.

Keep your conversation easy and breezy. You are already in a good mood to make it better. Talking about silly things that are also one more way to connect and building a romance with your partner.

4. Laughing

To add more to the previous point of making things light, you can also make them fun. Tell a corny joke, retell a funny story, ask them to tell you something funny.

You feel good and you should prolong that feeling. Be lazy. Talk about all the sweet nothings and relax together.

5. Compliment each other

If you say what you liked, the odds are it’s going to happen again. That’s why communication after sex is a key to making sex even better.

Share with each other things you liked the most, say you had a great time and that it was amazing.

Even if you haven’t reached orgasm, it doesn’t mean that the whole experience wasn’t satisfactory. You might have reached a certain level of pleasure or you feel emotionally fulfilled.

It’s hard to experience bad sex when you are with someone you care deeply for. So don’t be stingy with giving them compliments.

6. Grab a bite to eat

After spending so much energy, it’s easy to work up an appetite. So get up and make a meal together, call take out or order a pizza whatever you prefer.

As long as you are together, it doesn’t really matter what you eat. There is always something so incredibly intimate and romantic about sharing a meal together

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