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9 Behaviors That Create Success & Happiness

  1. Give yourself permission to say yes only to the things that lift you up.

  2. Take time to evaluate, plan & be proactive with your journey in life, so you’re directing your own destiny.

  3. Practise being patient and at peace with the “gray areas” in life, remembering uncertainty is the breeding ground of new possibilities!

  4. Put in place daily life-affirming rituals & reminders to keep you focused on your goals & what’s most important to you.

  5. Be conscious of what’s going on inside your mind. Practise loving self-talk.

  6. Wear “solution eyes” each day, look beyond issues with intent to see the positive way forward.

  7. Even if you feel fear, step forward & give life a go.

  8. Practise gratitude, it’s the energy that will magnetize more of the good things into your life.

  9. Prioritize your health. Your body is the vehicle that carries you through life. It needs you to take care of it so it can do its job.

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