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ARTICLE: Today’s Thinkers For Tomorrow Vision By Prosper Ogwa

To make an idea become a reality you need a vision. Vision is seeing the end from the starting point. A vision guides and instruct your every move, it shows you what to do at every point you reach.

To build a house you need an architect to draw a perfect picture of what you desire and then the building can be constructed alike. the same way you need a vision that will enable you work out a perfect picture of your goal.

Whatever the vision is; it takes the thinkers of today to make it a reality.”what we think is what we make happen”. For every idea there must be a designed vision and for every vision like minded thinkers is vital.

You can think to develop an existing vision, Renew a vision and to quid a vision for yourself, family, society and state at large. It takes the positive and best thinkers to orchestrate a better vision.

You can contribute to a vision by thinking the right thought on how better and effective a vision can become.

What’s your vision?
You should have a vision for yourself and your world. You should contribute to the development of your society. Don’t be one who always seek Assistance from the government of your state but be an influence to your state development.

The difference between a growing vision and a pending vision iis the presence of effective thinkers. You act your vision to make it a reality
Thinkers + Vision + Action = Accomplishments”Think For A Better Tomorrow”.

You can make it happen even without the availability of material resources, all you need is a drive, passion, great ideas and a vision. Without efficient planning and a vision money and other materials are irrelevant.

Do not wait for a perfect time, group (like minded people ) before you explore your thinking into actions BEGIN the MISSION for tomorrows change with today’s VISION.

You can be all you desire, you can achieve all you pen down and can make that picture a reality #ThinkingMakesItHappen.

Writen by: prosper ogwa

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