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BU40: Depression And I’m An Antidepressant

DEPRESSION and I’m AN Antidepressant. This word has been a ringing bell in my mind, hearing different cases of deaths and suicide attempts and this is caused when you are face with a silent killer.

DEPRESSION! I had my own share on this case, the inability to speak what’s in your mind but silently killing yourself and leads to engagement of self relieving methods as an escape route or I call it , to be free Drugs, overdosed pills, Dry gin are been abused with the believe of feeling better but silently cutting your days on earth short.

Depression is caused through stress leading to frustration the inability to move on and the feeling of no hope.

The inability to express thoughts and what’s bothering the mind… Hereby feeling a heavy heart Fear of thoughts, “what would he or she think?”

I want share a scenario, A lady at age 10 started abusing paracetamol just to have a peaceful sleep without soaking her pillow with catarrh and tears, She had No one to hear her out, her father deprived her from having friends in school. a bright talented lady became the dummp in class the only way she could express herself was by drawing art pieces, those were the only times she smiled.

Most times she speak to herself and her mates in school wondered if she was crazy, She had so many things but had nobody to share them with. The problems were detailed enough, unhappy, sad, depressed the feeling of emptiness. In high school she tried hard blending, the male student abused her because she had half of her face scared, she was tagged, the ugliest girl in her set.

In the dinning she most times stood to eat her meal, in class absent minded she stepped up into marijuana and alcohol at 15 just to feel alive. Most times depression isn’t caused by the person but the situations encountered.

The words that makes a person insecure about him/herself, Yes you are pretty or because you are privileged. Be a friend, if you feel something is wrong, there’s nothing wrong in getting the person what he or she doesn’t have, Make the person feel loved and cared, This leads to trust and he/she would be able to open up without doubts.


The girl at 17 after attempting several suicides decided to seek help due to the persuasion from a friend who she shared the cause of her actions. And today, its Like nothing of such happened to her, Its normal to feel down sometimes, To avoid that, do what makes you happy! And be a therapist to those who were once in your shoes, this will uplift your spirit of being a friend to those who close their hands when you needed them most! I say this “words are like eggs, they can do and undo so be careful of what you say” The words that makes a person insecure about him/herself,

My anti depressants were:

stop caring about what people say or call you. . . don’t let those words get to you.. Label yourself and carry it with confidence. That’s the beauty

NEVER settle FOR LESS; you only kill your purpose in life by being unhappy, life is too short

be a friend,confidant and no matter the thick or thin.. I’ll be there as that friend.. If its that 1 person then why carry the unnecessary?

DEPRESSION, and I’m an Anti DEPRESSANT BY Timilehin Aisat Salami @timilehin_salami

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