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BU40: Kelvin Obene – The Journey So Far Won’t Have Been Possible If The First Step Wasn’t Taken.

Kelvin Obene is my name, I’m from Rivers State, Kalabari to be precise. Was born on 23March 1996 in the city of Port Harcourt. Came from a middle class home, grew up in Diobu.

Growing up I wanted to become a Mechanical Engineer, just in my secondary school days Civil Engineering caught me and I decided that was what I was going to become.

Funny enough, after school I never became any of those, found love in the Entertainment industry. Started up as a Disc Jockey when I was 17, known as Deejay Kel back then in Port Harcourt, things went smoothly, got to run a music studio in Port Harcourt too.

Life would always have it’s way, I got to join a marketing company some years after and became very familiar with social media marketing and decided to add promotion to my craft, I had a blog then, I promoted music, artiste, articles and made some money and in 2013, I decided to run a proper company.

Kel Hit Group was formed in 2013 with 3 other sub companies;
1)Kel Hit Music
2)Kel Hit Communication and Media House
3)Kel Hit Events and Management

I couldn’t continue as a Disc Jockey any more as running a new company needed so much time and attention. So on the 23rd March 2016 I retired from being a Disc Jockey so as to concentrate on building my company. So many ups and downs but we scaled gradually.

Some time in 2016 my company got a management deal with a cinematography company and that brought me into a totally new part of business too.

Managing a cinematography company got me so involved in the film industry that I couldn’t help but take courses on film production and in 2017, I had three movies in my name. My movies went into over 60 international film festivals and are bringing good responses.

I was also nominated as YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR at the NIYE 2017 awards, though we didn’t get the award but the recognition was surprising and unbelievable.

I started a campaign this year online, it’s about motivation.
Just incase you are down and need some motivation, just use these hashtags on Instagram or on Facebook;

So, this is me, I’m a film producer, Social Media Marketer/Expert and a Motivator.

The Journey So Far Won’t Have Been Possible If The First Step Wasn’t Taken.

So my advice to every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur out there is just go on at it, forget about what people will say or do, that’s their job, yours is to keep on at it.

Facebook and Instagram Handle: @KelvinObene

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