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BU40: Timilehin Aisat salami – In Life Don’t Be Surprised If You’re Inspired From The Craziest Silly Things

BU40 brings us another story of a young Nigeria entrepreneur who out of nothing, built her self from circumstances and become a great media personnel.

To be called an entrepreneur do you need to be skilled? have a document to back up that *I* went to school? My honest opinion is, if your passionate and hungry to know, then you will get there no matter the circumstances, the age or day. The first thing you have to do in person is to first find your path by being true to thyself and run your purpose in life. I’m Timilehin Aisat salami,born may 16,1999 4th of 5 siblings. When I was given the task to write on my life as am entrepreneur, I first asked “am I an entrepreneur?” I have no business with my name but I’m still called an entrepreneur It took a while to click the path. Until I realized everything I am today, I impacted 90% in it. I never went to make up school and I’m a make up artiste.

I never went to a training school to learn how to anchor red carpets, but I’m a red carpet host

I never went to a fashion art school to Know how to sketch admirable outfits. I never went to a model school to be a model

In life don’t be surprised if you’re inspired from the craziest silly things. Bj miller didn’t beat himself when he lost his leg and arms and today his a palliative care physician. He took the glory from the accident.. At age 12, I had a road accident at badagry express way lost half of my face, I lost myself, I lost my path, being brutal to myself did no good but today even with the scar on my face I can Still pose and smile at a camera and I admire the pictures. It took self confidence to bring out that smile. Never be ashamed of your past, your present and above all who you are.

There’s a reason why u are there today, its your responsibility to either take control of your surrounding or be a loser of yourself… Don’t let people decide who you are and what you would become. I remember when I was in primary 6 I said to myself after I drew a aeroplane, “someday I’ll like to be a pilot” funny how that dream crashed when it was time to select subjects in ss1. My mates laughed that my plane will crash… They practically took hold of my dreams… *IT’S A MISTAKE BUT I’M NOT REGRETTING IT BUT GAINING!* “NEVER LET ANYONE LOOk down on you..” The famous jay shatty was a moore and now he’s making waves and its taking him places he himself never expected!… It’s funny how people say,”I’m funny “. I still don’t know how so but I still flow. I don’t think to make people happy and laugh…and therefore *I went into the entertainment industry.. * now featuring in movies #smash-yaw production #white mountains- kingsline production.

And I know I’m going places withy craft Never settle for less? BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE .. MAKE USE OF OPPORTUNITIES TO YOUR FAVOUR!


And I’m telling you.. You will get to where you want to be. I strongly advice don’t take life too serious the end time is coming. Yes;we know but should I tell you there’s time for you to what you really desire.. Always have fun with what your passionate about! Never ever settle for less but be content even if your given the role of a shoe maker and when u get there keep in mind people are watching so.. Don’t slack remember those who contributed and THE ONLY KEY TO OWN A BOSS SEAT IS BE ALL YOU CAN BE THE SKY CAN NEVER BE THE LIMIT!

Seek inspiration in yourself.. Be inspired by every step you make to that dream. It’s make you embrace and love yourself more. Be proud of yourself. Even if you fall, keep pushing This were the key factors that made me An ENTREPRENEUR OF MY OWN.. I OWN MY OWN …SO GET UP,DELETE THE INVALID, WALK AND WORK TO WHERE U ARE MEANT TO BE.. I’M TIMILEHIN AISAT SALAMI

fashion designer
Make up artiste
Media tourist
Aspiring OAP
Award nominee NTCA 2017

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