Davido Blasts His Haters, Tells Them To Go To Hell


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Davido is one singer who has received so much hate not solely because of his music but his wealthy background. Many believe that his rise to fame and fortune is actually due to his father’s riches and not hard work and commitment.

However, The Blow My Mind Singer took to his Instagram story to blast

his haters in the music industry and according to him, he has been in
the industry for over 7 years has never gotten the support of anyone.

Obviously angry and irritated, he informs his haters that he is very
hardworking and they could go F**k themselves for all he cares.

“Guys I want to thank all my brothers and sisters my fans, the
people that supported me, the single, Chris and of course Chris… I’m
already used to it. I have been in this industry for seven years and
nobody supports me, its just hate, from morning to night its just hate,
because of what?

My papa get money na my fault? I work hard, I deliver hits, I
take care of my people. You got a problem with me? Suck my dk! Fk
you! We rise by lifting others,”

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