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Dealing with the Past

“Don’t get angry. Don’t get upset; it only leads to trouble.” Psalm 37:8

Anger. It’s easy to define: the noise of the soul. Anger. The unseen irritant of the heart.
Anger. The relentless invader of silence…..

The louder it gets the more desperate we become…

Some of you are thinking…you don’t have any idea how hard my life has been. And you’re right. I don’t. But I have a very clear idea how miserable your future will be unless you deal with your anger.

X-ray the world of the vengeful and behold the tumor of bitterness: black, menacing, malignant. Carcinoma of the spirit. Its fatal fibers creep around the edge of the heart and ravage it. Yesterday you can’t alter, but your reaction to yesterday you can. The past you cannot change, bur your response to your past can.

By Max Lucado
From: When God Whispers Your Name

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