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HEALTH: The Proper Way To Grill Eggs And Have A Tasty Dish

It is no surprise that quite a lot of people know only one way to grill eggs and that is to put a raw egg, in the shell, on the grill for about 10 minutes. Then it’s done. There are however a number of more interesting ways that can help you have a tasty egg dish.

An outdoor alternative to hard-boiled eggs, grilled eggs are a great side dish to serve at a cookout, and they’re a perfect topper for a fresh and different salad.

Furthermore, grilled eggs are incredibly easy to make; all you need do is just put a raw egg, in the shell, on the grill for about 10 minutes. Then it’s done.

For the most part, whatever you can cook on the stove or in the oven can also be cooked on the grill.

If you are up for some adventure and have a couple of eggs to put to the test, you can simply place a few eggs directly on the grill grates, put the lid on, and leave it alone for about 10 minutes to see what would happen.

After doing this, there is a high chance that you will be surprised at how perfectly cooked the eggs will be. It will also most likely turn out slightly smoky and with semi-soft yolks.

Dont be surprised if they even have grill marks, but not where you’d expect. The shells will get a little darker (and some may even be spotty), with two small spots on the white where it most likely made contact with the hot grates. It will only be visible once the shell is peeled.

You will most likely be surprised that the eggs will turn out perfectly cooked and slightly smoky, with semi-soft yolks.

A perfect way to eat those grilled eggs is to blend them with salads. We are pretty sure that you will be open yo throe in those eggs, whenever you have the grill on because not only will you enjoy how tasty and more flavourful they are than hard-boiled eggs, but also how you can boast about them to your friends.

Unlike smoked eggs, which take at least two hours to cook, grilled eggs are done in 6 to 14 minutes, depending on how jammy you want your yolk to be.

Dont be scared of failure, as there’s always room for error when grilling. No matter how you cook eggs, it’s easy to overdo it. But unlike hard-boiling, if an egg on the grill gets too hot — either from being too close to the fire or cooking too long — the shell will crack right open.

This doesn’t make the egg inedible, but the white along the crack will get a little rubbery. Like hard-boiled eggs, grilled eggs will continue to cook once removed from the heat, so you can put them in cold water for a few minutes, which also makes them easier to peel.

If you have a grill, there’s really no reason not to try grilled eggs.

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