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How to be Good on Top and Ride Him Like the Sex Goddess You Are

If there’s one thing all girls should learn, it’s how to be good on top. Impressing a man and catching his attention in the bedroom can do a lot.

Obviously, sex isn’t everything. You want to make sure you have a connection outside of the bedroom, too. But what will really make him have eyes for you and only you is how you can please him outside of and in the bedroom. That’s why learning how to be good on top is so important.

It’s not so much about ONLY using your body to make him want to stay with you, but guys are very sexual beings. If you can get on top and rock his world, he’ll want that time and time again.

Sex is really important for fostering a deeper connection in a relationship

You probably know how important sex is in a relationship. Yes, having an emotional connection is just as important but without both, your relationship is basically doomed.

But unlike an emotional connection, sex isn’t something that just clicks without effort. You have to work for it. And that means putting forth effort in the bedroom to impress each other every single time to get you together.

How to be good on top and blow his mind

If you really want to make your man see you in a bright light, learn how to master the woman-on-top position. It’ll take some work but with the right amount of effort, you’ll be able to blow him away with your skills.

#1 Prepare for the workout. It’s not easy. One of the biggest complaints and a huge reason women don’t typically like going on top is because it’s a workout. You have to work really hard and your legs will definitely get tired.

So prepare for it. Get fit and work on your legs and building up some endurance. Men work hard all the time during sex, why can’t you? Hit the gym and get yourself in shape. Not only will you feel better, but sex on top will also be better.

#2 Take control. One of the sexiest things you can do in this position is be demanding. Have some control. Take your man and turn him over so you can get on top. Hold down his hands so he can’t do anything but sit back and enjoy the ride.

This is an extremely sexy move that’ll also make you being on top seem a hell of a lot better. Even if you’re not that skilled, your attitude and the way you control him will make it feel incredible no matter what.

#3 Choose which way you want to ride. There are so many different positions you can get into while on top. With the guy just lying there, you can basically do anything you want.

What’ll make you better at being on top is when you actually enjoy it. That means you might like facing away from him in reverse cowgirl more than you like riding the standard way.

You can also face away from him while leaning back on your hands so you’re in a sort of crabwalk position. Really, it’s up to you. Figure out what feels best for you and also what he likes the most. But make sure to switch it up every now and then too.

#4 Change up your speeds. Just like you should change your position every once in a while, you should also work on your speeds. Not all guys like it really fast and others don’t really like it super slow.

The key is variety. If you think he might be getting close – or if he says he is – slow it down. Switch to grinding your hips instead of just going up and down so there isn’t as much friction. When you vary things, it stays exciting.

#5 Lean forward and back. You can get creative, here. Learning how to be good on top also means learning how to adjust yourself in a way that keeps things easy for you and exciting for him.

So lean forward toward him. You can ride him while your bodies are pressed together. You can kiss his neck and nibble his ear while he’s in you and you’re moving up and down. This creates far more sensation and new

#6 Don’t forget to use your hands. They’re there for a reason, you know. Unless you’re using them to support yourself, put them to work elsewhere. Your man has balls that could be caressed if you lean back far enough.

You can also just use them on yourself. Give him a show. Since he has such a great visual with you on top, a lot of his stimulation and arousal can come from watching you touch yourself. It’s a win-win, really.

#7 Kegels are your friend. The best thing about being on top is that you have complete control. You can adjust the speed, depth, and even the angle. You can also change up how much pressure he feels by doing Kegels while he’s in you.

I know it sounds a little odd, but it works and he’ll be able to tell. So long as you’re practicing these outside of the bedroom – and you should be – this should be easy. Just bear down on him as you sit down and he’ll feel the sensation.

#8 Rotate your hips. You don’t just have to go up and down. As long as you’re not going too far with the rotation of your hips, it’ll be fun for him. It’ll also help stimulate your G-spot too and we all know that when you have a lot of fun, he does too.

#9 Ask what feels best. You want a clear answer here. The best way to get good on top is to just ask him what he likes the most. It’s a simple question, but it’ll have a big impact.

You might think he likes a certain position on top best when really, he likes the opposite. Just ask. You can do this in a sexy way by slipping it in with some dirty talk. He won’t even really know what you’re doing.

#10 Keep going even when you’re tired. If you think about it, guys do an awful lot of work in the bedroom on a regular basis. You getting on top for a few minutes is nothing in comparison to him going to town on you for a half hour.

So even if you get a bit tired, keep going. Switching positions can also help alleviate some tension and help you continue for longer.

Learning how to be good on top is mostly about getting in shape for it and figuring out which position suits you and your man best. So long as you’re making an effort, he’ll appreciate it.

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