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Today we have a topic on skin care:- How To Keep Your Face Clean

Keeping a clean face requires only a little bit of effort, and the results are rewarding: a glowing, acne-free complexion.

Figure out what kind of skin you have. Is your skin dry, oily or normal? This is what you have to figure out so you can make sure you have the right face products. There are so many different types that it can be confusing.

● If you have normal skin, your skin has the right balance of moisture, oil and durability. This is what you’re trying to achieve with keeping it clean.

● If you have oily skin you face might appear shiny, greasy or oil only a few hours after washing.

● If you have dry skin, it’s often flaky.

● If you have sensitive skin, your skin is often tight or itchy and you experience allergic reactions when you come into contact with certain chemicals.

● A lot of people have combination skin, where part of your face is oily while a different part is dry.

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