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Albinos are treated like animals, permit me to speak my mind. Persons living with albinism go through various challenges and discrimination can only make life worse.

As an Albino, I have a low vision impediment that makes my day to day activities challenging. Back then in school I was known as a brilliant student in every subject but not Mathematics.

All I grab in class back then was the teachers explanation but the numbers written on the board just don’t form. I see just my teacher and his body movements.

I try to store his explanations in my head and go home to study hard. But unlike other subjects, you can’t work out mathematics properly without the formulas and steps. I can only try to store the words of my teacher in my head but because I can’t see all his writing, I get lost.

This has been really challenging. Some times, I will get up from my seat and go closer to the board to see what was on it, but how many times can I do this in all my years in school?. The same reason I love dictation, I would go home to read and cover up.

This made me improve my spelling skill. No doubt, person living with albinism go through several challenges and stigmatization that are consequently killing their vision in life. We have records of Albinos who commit suicide due to unbearable racism.

Albinos are human being and deserve to be treated as such. We are no ghost, neither do we have magical powers. No part of our body has magnificent powers that can bring about sudden wealth. Work hard for your money and don’t kill innocent souls.

Albinos do die, we are humans. We don’t disappear. Stop the fake stories about person living with albinism, they are mare myths and not true.

Listen to our voice and let the brutal killings, kidnap and stigma end. We can’t continue like this. Please save future generations from this wickedness. Support the change and say no to discrimination.

I call on the Government to secure this issue, it is no joke. Albinos are been treated like slaves. We need help!! We need security! We deserve a better life!

Ask questions, share accurate information, support and encourage person living with albinism in your society and embrace peace and unity. I will continue to be relentless in this activity and social crusade.

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