IGBO AMAKA: I’m encouraging the Igbos with my music – Prince UC

My names are Uche Augustine Peter aka Prince UC. I hailed from Orlu in imo state, Nigeria. Born in Lagos, 1st and only son with 4 younger sisters. I am also an Artiste (singer).

Let’s hit it straight to your latest music, IGBO AMAKA, it’s far different from all your previous released tracks. Looking at the language, you choose to flow with your indigenous language which is Igbo language.

What influenced that?

Smile! I am Igbo for sure but grew up in Lagos. I have been doing Afro-pop before meeting my manager, the founder of Ebere Ijere Foundation in Switzerland, Ebere Gomwalk. She saw the potentials and talent in me and decided to work with me, she then introduced me to another charity foundation called “Igbo love themselves” charity foundation.

The charity foundation was about Igbos coming together to help other Igbo brothers in need. I got inspired to sing “IGBO AMAKA” through the beautiful testimonies I heard and saw in the foundation.

So I decided to pivot into typical traditional sound to appreciate those who are spending their money and time to help the less privileged in our land.

So, you are not planning to change your style to indigenous way?

No, actually. I don’t want to fully base in a particular style. I love music a lot, I just want to sing. I can decide to sing Juju tomorrow, Fuji or Reggae.

I just want to express myself through music and I want to get to everybody. Those who love Afro-pop will continue to hear from me. Others too will hear from me. That’s what I want to do. I just want to sing.

Since music is just like a passion to you, why do you tend to keep changing the type of music you sing (hip hop, reggae, juju, and others) why don’t you stick to one and build a name around it, and won’t the changing style later hurt you?

Fortunately, none of my songs is released yet. I am just doing different kind of music to find my audience, but I still believe that music is universal. The style I choose won’t matter if am making good music.

IGBO AMAKA has brought me so much recognition and more people are commending me on the song because it’s a song to unite the whole of IGBO RACE. yeah!!! If I can get such response which I don’t get usually with my Afro-pop style then I need to do more stuffs like that. Am doing a full album in indigenous style to separate Igbo Amaka from my Afro-pop style. You will hear songs like UDO and Zam OKU. All is a song to unite the Igbos all over the world.

Getting commendations and appraisals from people may be the result of singing the song in Igbo language and it’s giving kudos to the Igbos. Don’t you think?

Smile! I am an Igbo and am proud. I can’t actually say I am praising the Igbos. My songs is just like an advise to the Igbos to unite and help each other. I am also encouraging those who have been spending their resources and time in developing and assisting the Igbos to continue as God will surely reward them. So it’s not about praising the Igbos. I am only encouraging them.

Reverting back to the song, the lyrics portrayed that the Igbos deserve honour for being the best in business, but none in the lyrics encourage them to help one another.

How does people understand that?

What I said in the music is something clear. In the country, Igbos are unique when it’s comes to business, there is no place you will go to in this part of the world that you will not find an Igbo man diligently working or doing a business. We the Igbos are known for business.

Yes those I mentioned their names in the music are members of the “Igbo love themselves charity foundation”, I mentioned and gave them kudos for their efforts so far in helping humanity, especially the Igbos and I’m encouraging them to do more that the Igbo people appreciate their efforts. It’s a normal thing to do.

Are you now aiming at doing more indigenous songs than that of English language?

Well, I can say for now. I just want to finish my IGBO AMAKA album and see the response. I mean, if people want me to do more of indigenous then I have no choice because I can’t buy my own music and I won’t be listening to it by myself. I will have to follow people’s opinion when IGBO AMAKA album is released.

Who do you see as your mentor(s) and source(s) of inspiration?

You mean mentors because they are many. Smile!!. OLIVER D COQUE, FLAVOUR, OKOYE BROTHERS (P-SQUARE) HARRY SONG, PHYNO. THAT NIGA RAW and many more. They are not ashamed to sing in their indigenous language which is Igbo, and I look forward to collaborating with them in future. Except OLIVER D COQUE because he is no more, may his soul rest in peace.

Thanks for having you and sharing all with us. We wish you a successful career.

Your welcome and I also thank you for your time. God bless you. I also want to thank my manager, Ebere Ijere Foundation for giving me the opportunity to discover myself in another dimension. I also want to thank all Igbo love themselves charity foundation members for their support and inspiration. May the Good Lord continue to bless them.


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