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Man Kills Wife Through 48-Hour Marathon Sex During Honeymoon

Husband killed his wife ‘when 48-hour bondage sex session’
during their ‘honeymoon period’ in Germany left her with a perforated

A German man is in court facing manslaughter charges for killing his
new wife in a 48-hour BDSM sex session just days after they walked down
the aisle together.

Ralph Jankus, 52, and his wife Christel, 49, took part in a 48-hour sex session for their nuptials, he claims.

New bride Christel suffered severe internal injuries allegedly after a sharp object was inserted into her.

When emergency services were called four days later, they were unable to save Christel.

Self-confessed sadomasochist Jankus faces manslaughter charges at the
court in Krefeld, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, in western Germany.

He is being prosecuted for failing to call for help, allegedly
leaving her injured for four days. He claims he was not aware his wife
was seriously ill.

The public prosecutor believes that Jankus must have been aware of how unwell his wife was and that her life was in danger.

When questioned, he told police the sex had been consensual and that
he had been taking part in sadomasochism sessions for the past thirty

He told police: ‘It was our honeymoon period.’

He added that he loved his wife dearly, that the sex had been
consensual and that instead of going on honeymoon, they had enjoyed a
steamy sex session lasting days.

Jankus has reportedly admitted that his wife had previously
complained about discomfort, after the sex session, and had been to see
an internal medicine specialist who had carried out a colonoscopy, but
nothing had been found to be wrong with her.

Forensic medicine specialists came to the conclusion that the woman
must have had some sort of barbed hook inserted into her and when it was
removed this caused a perforated bowel.

The victim’s 30-year-old son, who has not been named, claimed his mother had been abused as a child and was mentally unstable.

He added that his mother was dominated by her husband and had started wearing clothes that covered her up well.

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