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Marketing in 2018: Keep Providing Value

We’re in the prime season for blogs and stories written about marketing in 2018. What are the new bells and whistles? What will they all mean? What can we do to gain a competitive edge?

While these are all worthwhile and valid questions, it’s important to remember that some of the strategies that were successful in the recent past saw that success because they worked. The platforms will continue to change, and the strategies will evolve. But below is a reminder list for all the things we should continue to do for our customers and clients:

Marketing in 2018 Do’s:

Provide Value – The internet will continue to grow, and your industry will continue to be competitive. Do you want to separate yourself from the competition? It can be as simple as providing value. Keep using your blog to answer customer questions. Keep creating PDF reports and writing about your unique insight as a business owner within your industry. You can serve as a resource and a translator, making your customers’ lives easier.

Make Your Customer The Priority – No matter how flashy and large a new platform is, the customer still comes first. It may be tempting to write the kind of content that simply promotes your business, and reads like corporate talking points. You may think you can play the numbers and figure that for 100 readers, 1 will swallow your promotional material whole. Don’t do it. No one benefits from this kind of marketing. Instead, write what the customer wants.

Solve Problems. Fast – Your reader is arriving on a whim, and there’s no guarantee they’ll stick around. You need to identify their problem, and present yourself as the solution. All within the first few sentences of copy. Attention spans are shorter and competition is higher.

Heavy on Images – The web is moving into an image-heavy minimalistic look and feel. Make your images bigger. Providing value is key, but it’s having the right look and feel that will keep your readers engaged.

Light on Options – Your website and marketing efforts will need to be intuitive. Don’t overload your readers with too many options, or calls to action. When you overload them, they may walk away puzzled, and not complete any of it.

Be Adaptive – Most industries are changing. Marketing in 2018 will be about experimenting and trying new technologies and strategies to see what works.

Outsource When Needed – You likely didn’t start your company out of your love for marketing, accounting, or human resources. It’s OK. When you outsource your marketing, you can go back to the core aspects of running your business, and save time. You also get the advantages of being able to hire a professional to assist your efforts.

While the technologies continue to evolve, the core tenants of creating your message will continue to stay the same. Marketing in 2018 will offer a lot of promise. Sales letters and landing pages will continue to offer businesses renewed promise. Websites and blogs will remain at the core of any online marketing effort

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