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My Mother Supports Me Having A Sex Doll – Pretty Mike

Pretty Mike who a few months ago announced the recent “sex acquisition” named Amaka, has disclosed that his mother supports him having a sex doll.

Pretty Mike who stated that he would prefer if people see the doll as his companion instead of a sex doll told Saturday Beats that his mother supports him having a sex doll and also sees it as a phase that will pass. The Lagos socialite said;

“My mother has always known that I am a peculiar kid and I am an entertainer who never plays with his entertainment business. So for her, she is very supportive.

My mother is very supportive of anything I want to do, including having a sex doll because for her everything is always like phase with me. She would tell her friends that I am an adult irrespective of what I say and how I say it and she is not going to come to my house every day or be in my bedroom every night.

“So she believes that everything I do is a phase that would not last forever. It could be for a short period of time. That is her belief. She always feels that I would get tired of it and that is how she sees most of these things.

I am very fond of my mother.”Funnily enough, according to the nightclub owner, he is not currently in a relationship and that some of the ladies he has been “talking” to are feeling threatened by his sex doll.

“When it comes to my relationship status, I am talking to some ladies. We just met and it is one step at a time but with Amaka (sex doll) in the way, they also see that there is stiff competition.

“Some of the ladies I have been with feel that Amaka is a competition so they believe they have something to prove. They try to show me the difference between the two of them; what they can do that the sex doll cannot do.

“So they are in competition with Amaka; they try to outdo her and show me what they can do that she cannot do. It has been an interesting ride so far.”

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