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Looking Good for Attract Women By Otunba Gbenga Oyero

Otunba Gbenga Oyero Advices Men To Look Good If they Want Good Sex from Their Wife

“Love without sex is still the most efficient form of hell known to man” Peter Porter

Some years ago, someone needed my help; he wanted me to talk to his wife on his behalf. He complained his wife had been denying him sex for over six months for no reasons. Clearly, I saw he needed help. The denial had been affecting him psychologically. He needed help as he abhorred extra marital affairs.

For me, it was an herculean task. A very difficult one. It was impossible to discuss such with a woman. A woman I didn’t have a close relationship with. He thought because his wife had a wonderful respect for me I was in the better position to help him. The good news is that I solved the problem. I resolved the marital issue.

Ask me how. I looked at the man. I realised he was a dirty man. He did not take care of his body. He had a bad breath. He always looked unclean. “Bros, if I were your wife I would not allow you have a regular sex with me because you don’t take care of your body and your wears. Start taking care of your body, cut your hair regularly, wear clean clothes, wear nice perfumes and look neat for at least two weeks and let us see either there will be changes or not” I jokingly said this to him.

He did as I advised. Five days after, he called me a magician, a marriage expert and all kinds of names. Two weeks after, he invited me to a nearby open bar, bought me some drinks. This time, there was happiness all over his face.

By OTunba Haroun Gbenga Oyero

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