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Stella Damasus Reacts As Outrage Against Senator Elisha Abbo Dies Down

Stella Damasus lashed out at Nigerians after the outrage
against Senator Elisha took a slow pace weeks after he was seen in a
viral video slapping a nursing mother at a sex toy shop in Abuja.

The veteran actress also expressed her disgust to a video of Senator
Elisha who recently bagged an Icon award allegedly defending and trying
to justify the assault.

Stella Damasus wondered if the Senator representing Adamama North
Senatorial district has been let off the hook even with a video
evidence, and further stated that it will be shameful if Nigeria
tolerates and accept it.

She tweeted;

Was I dreaming or was there a Nigerian senator
who slapped a woman on video? If I was not dreaming, did we just stop
talking about it? Has he really been left 2 walk free?

Did I just see a video of him defending and justify himself? Okay I must be dreaming then. I need to wake up

So this means that when someone commits a crime and it’s
caught on video, it still does not mean anything. Everything goes back
to normal and we just move on?

How are we okay with this? So when something new comes up, we forget the one that happened before? How?

So shameful for my country NIGERIA to tolerate and accept
this. So shameful that we have decided to keep quiet and let it go. Hope no one comes crying out when it happens to them or someone close to

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