THE REMEDY: In the Midst

In the midst of my pain
Do not allow my living be in vain.

For I must not kick and shove
I must be harmless as a dove.

Yet I need Your wisdom from above
For the storms are raging and the waters

Threaten to overtake me…the dark
Clouds are gathering…but in the midst

Of it all I see a glimmer of light .. yes!

In the midst of the angry billows, the light

Is getting even brighter.
In the midst.. I see you Oh Lord the Lover

Of my soul, who in the midst brings peace

To my soul. Calming all my fears in the midst!

You bring me joy in the midst of my pain.

For in the midst of my sorrow You have made

Me to dance before You .. and Oh the joy

That overflows my soul in the midst of this

Wealthy place you have brought me into!

by Margaret C. Mullings


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