There is a need for a woman to recover fully before embarking on another pregnancy journey #FPFriday


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We had a chat with @Ronikpe who answered our questions on the topic “Linkage between family Planning and women’s health” You want to know why to space birth and not rush the child bearing process because you want to slay and get back to shape as soon as possible then you definitely need to read this.

Dr Ronald Ikpe (medical). runs MRI Medic Consulting limited, a one-stop health Consulting outfit ( ) with a special interest in general wellness

The impact of childbearing is directly proportional to the time interval of births. The lesser the spacing, the less healthy a woman is. We should realize that pregnancy is a physically and emotionally demanding process/journey for every woman-

“There is a need for a woman to recover fully before embarking on another pregnancy journey”

The process of birth or childbirth will not be complete without mentioning that it starts with the pregnancy itself, the journey through nine months and finally the process of labour itself which results to delivery.

Generally, there is an increased physiologic demand on the body because of the need to produce more blood for two people, the enlarging uterus and others. There are also emotional changes that affect the women.

Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally demanding period for every woman. And the stress levels vary as some women are able to cope as the symptoms are not exaggerated while some will almost be in and out of hospital. Which is why women should wait at least one year and half and give their body and all organs involved in producing the baby a chance to heal before rushing another one.

Family planning methods can be used to space birth and the services are actually very much available even in most private and public hospitals in Nigeria.

Women generally don’t come for family planning voluntarily through the uptake of family planning is beginning to improve. Most times, they are usually counseled on the benefits of family planning before they embrace family planning.

Most cite reasons such as their husbands not wanting it, cultural reasons and some also cite religious reasons but all these are beginning to change.

We need to talk about Family Planning probably at the adolescent age. Truth is the information is out there but they need to be properly guided and they start making informed decisions about their health early. And not just when they are married.

For me family planning should even be one of the topics or issues to be discussed in any serious relationship or courtship.

In Summary there is a linkage between family planning and health of women and lots of reason why women needs to space birth and not just rush child bearing process because of personal reasons.

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