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This 20-Year-Old just won $451m in Lottery 😧

20-year-old Shane Missler wins $451m in Lottery – BellaNaijaWhat do you do after you win $451 million in a lottery?

Shane Missler immediately retired from his job after finding out he won the fourth largest Mega Millions jackpot in history, Telegraph reports.

Missler bought 5 tickets at a 7-Eleven for $10 and “had a feeling” he might win.

Missler credits positive thinking as the reason for his win, writing on his Twitter: “The power of positive thinking should not be underestimated!”

He’s taken a crash course in financial management, he said, and opted to take a lump sum payment of $281 million over the $451 million paid in installments.

The fund will reportedly be paid into a trust, and Missler has said he hopes to use the money “to pursue a variety of passions, help my family and do some good for humanity.” He said:

If there is one thing I have learned thus far in my short time on Earth it is that those who maintain a positive mindset and stay true to themselves get rewarded.

I intend to take care of my family, have some fun along the way and cement a path for financial success so that I can leave a legacy far into the future.

The happy-go-lucky fellow is thanking everyone on his social media accounts, saying this is only the beginning.

Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts 🙏🏻 This is only the beginning. I am truly grateful and most appreciative. pic.twitter.com/mtzYUCQ5mQ

— Shane Missler (@TheShaneMissler) January 12, 2018

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