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Trust is Tough

“When I am most afraid, I put my trust in you… “ Psalm 56:3

With the sun setting beyond a placid lake and the sky softly glowing, we see the silhouette of a tall young man walking hand in hand with his small daughter. It is a painting that some would say perfectly captures the essence of trust: the child is quietly confident in the presence of her protective parent.

Yet the psalmist would tell us that this scene pictures only the early stages of trust. Walking together with loving parent, friend, spouse (or God) in peaceful times is important and necessary for the process of developing the relationship.

But the tough test of trust comes “when we are most afraid.” In his book Ruthless Trust, Brennan Manning writes that the Old Testament patriarch Abraham “models the essence of trust…convinced (emphasis mine) of the reliability of God.” Further he writes, “without exception trust must be purified in the crucible of trial.”

When we have walked hand in hand with the Savior in peaceful times, His presence will then be sure and constant when we are most afraid.

Thank You, loving Father, for those times when we have peacefully walked hand in hand. Thank You for those moments when I have learned to love You. Now, Lord, when times are tough, I want to step up to the next level of trust.

Question: Have you ever been “deeply afraid” – and how did God help you in that situation?

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