6 Ways To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work Better

Some people believe that being faithful is difficult especially when two lovers are so far apart. They feel maintaining communication might become increasingly difficult and as the relationship lasts longer,
insecurities might arise because one person is not around to see what the other is doing.

But the truth is long distance relationships can work. Although dating is hard and takes a lot of commitment from both parties, there are ways you can keep your long distance relation going.

Below you will find tips on how to strengthen your bond with your partner:

  1. Avoid too much communication

Generally, the standards as to what is considered too much communication varies from couple to couple. There are two extremities: the couple that communicates too much and the couple who doesn’t
communicate enough. You don’t need to compensate for the distance by
strangling each other with possessiveness.

There are couples who can last without speaking for three days and
remain married for thirty years and there are some who speak every hour
and break up after two months. Sometimes when you are calling for too
long, there are some jealous questions your partner might want to ask, maybe because your partner hears the voice of a guy around you or that of a female as the case may be, essentially.

The best thing to do is to just go with the flow and do what is normal for your relationship, avoiding too much communication. Some people even spend the whole time quarreling with their partners on phone about past events than discussing relevant and present issues. Remember too much of everything is bad.

  1. Keep your outing with friends on a low

Some partners are the jealous and overprotective types. They won’t
want to hear that you’re hanging out with a friend, be it male or
female. Some male partners get jealous when you hang out with your
female friend or a with male friend except if the female friend is
someone they have met before. They might have the feeling that the
female friend is teaching you some bad things like cheating, partying,
clubbing etc.

Your partner might even get angrier when he gets to know that you are
handing out with a male friend. You know your partner more than I do,
you know what can upset him, so be wise it is not every place you visit
you’ll tell him or her to avoid, jealousy and anger.

  1. Do things together.

Doing things together can mean a variety of things. In this technologically- driven society, you may want to consider playing online video games together when you are less busy. You can as well see a movie of YouTube together, then analyse the movie. Also you can read the same e-books, Skype, video call over the distance. Even though you’re living apart from each other, that doesn’t mean you can’t share bonding

  1. Send love messages and gifts on special days.

You should see sending of messages and buying of gifts as very important. It might not be every time but only depends on how buoyant you are and you shouldn’t complain of not having money because you can save up for this. There are some very special days you shouldn’t forget
to send a special message and gift to your partner. These days, you can just order from an e-commerce site, and your order will get delivered to your partner.

Nothing is too little. You only need to know those important days in
the life of your partners so as to send them good wishes and gifts. However, it’s not only on special days you can send gifts, you can do so even when your partner least expect.

  1. Visit each other

Your relationship must be a two- way street. Obviously, you can’t go
without seeing each other for the rest of your lives. So visits will be necessary. Besides, you guys will have all that much more fun once you see each other again. Scheduling time to visit your spouse is very
important if your relationship must work well. Even in your very busy
schedule, you must map out time to visit each other. Visiting each other
should also not be one- sided. Visits are not only for the ladies, guys
should also find time to pay their partners a visit.

  1. Be honest

It can be easy to lie in a long distant relationship because you feel
after all. He or she isn’t there to prove you wrong. But no good relationship can be built on lies. Therefore, the best thing you can do
for your relationship is to be honest with one another.

It is better not to talk at all than to tell lies, because lies will not always save you.



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