Audio + Video: Ulrykah Benard – The Revolution

Ulrykah Benard -  The Revolution

Ulrykah (Pronounced Al-ri-ka) Benard – The Revolution Rising Kenyan Airwaves

This song is about the current political climate in Kenya from the unique Diaspora perspective of the artist, .

This song is a call to action, to elect better leaders that can lead us to a better future as a country, a call to action to create policies that allow for Kenyans both in Kenya and Diaspora to prosper.

If We keep doing what We do then We will always get what We have now. Change means our children and grand children will have access to the same opportunities that Kenyan elite have,Change means that no rural area in Kenya should be without water or power in 2020, Change means that we live in safe neighborhoods and not where Women and Children face uncertain dangers, Change means we drive on paved roads not pothole filled roads damaging our cars on the daily, Change means that justice is served against the agents in our society, Change means that if a politician gets ill, they get treated in the same facilities that treat the Kenyan masses-improve our health care system, Change starts with You and Change starts with Me.

” Kenyans in Kenya please know that Diaspora Kenyans care about what happens to our country “.

“A social movement that only moves people is merely a revolt. A movement that changes both people and institutions is a revolution”Martin Luther King, Jr.


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