BU40: Exclusive Interview With Queen Ali-Balogun Adeleke Adepeju


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Queen Ali-Balogun Adeleke Adepeju

Beauty is a beautiful thing, not just the facial but the internal beauty. For the fact that they are beautiful queen’s out there, they are only few queen’s that are with a beautiful queen and today we are presenting of the most beautiful queen of our time.

A queen with beautiful heart and beauty of the face and endowment had she take us on a journey about her lifestyle, pain, gain, challenges and success.

Sit back and relax as we have a chat with the queen.

*Tell me about yourself*

I Am Queen Ali-Balogun Adeleke Adepeju, DOB: April 12, State of origin: Lagos state (Lagos island west). I am the First born of my parents, favourite color: Black, Blue, Hobbies: Singing, exploring, Staying around family, meeting new people & reading.

Pet Project at Yaba Destitute home

Pet Project at Modupe cole

Donating with Key to the city & other NGOs

Level 5 local guide contributing Images & reviews of places I have been to

*Why did you decide to contest for a pageant and why NigeriaMostPrettyQueen?*

ANSWER: To fulfil my long time dream , To change the narrative of the society we live in towards helping the vulnerable , it’s also a platform to reach millions, especially ladies

To change existing perception people have towards Beauty Queens & Models

To Project a better image of Nigeria as NigeriaMostPrettyQueen


It just happened at the right time when I finally made up my mind where would I rather take a big step if not a National pageant and truthfully there were no dubious act during auditions. Now I can proudly say I made the best decision of my career by going for NMPQ

*What makes you different from the other girls that competed?*

My intellect, always being the best version of me, a team player, very hard working and accommodating and ofcourse the fact that I look amazing can’t be overlooked

*What have you done since you won this title?*

Series of pet projects {Love for babies, educating students on personal hygiene, pad a queen initiative, donations at ebute metta destitute home, donations at module Cole and lots more}

Courtesy visit to ministries in partnership for more projects. So alot more is coming.

*What was the hardest sacrifice you had to make when preparing for this title?*

My Time and it was worth it.

*Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?*

An evergreen award winning global successful beauty queen, business owner and influencer with a beautiful family.

*What do you do apart from being a Queen?*

I am a Full time model, Entrepreneur and a Brand Influencer.

*How do you plan on juggling the responsibilities of the crown with the demands of your current life?*

luckily for me the demands of my current life is inline with the responsibilities of my crown.

*Why do you think that people have a negative image of pageantry?*

Cause of the wrong perspective they’ve known for awhile from brands | Queens that drifted from the actual pageant pattern and rules.

*Who is your role model?*


*Would you say that you are a good role model and why?*

YES I AM A GOOD ROLE MODEL why? Lol well I see alot of people inspired by the things I do, say and my being in general. So definitely I am doing something right.Truthfully I’m overwhelmed by it and with the grace of God I hope to keep being light to many

*Tell us about a challenge that you experienced and how you overcame it.*

catwalk and wearing silletoe challenge, I had to put my shame aside and learn here I am doing the best I can and wearing high silletoe heels.

*What is the most important issue your generation is facing?*

Unnecessary Peer pressure, not telling ourselves the truth and not speaking out when we need to.

*Do you think technology is hurting personal relationships?*

NO it’s not. It’s a personal thing, I mean you could use the same technology to learn and do fun things with your partner or friend.

*If you could have the powers of any superhero what would it be?*


*If you could only have one wish, what would you wish for?*

A fulfilling Life

*What is your biggest fear?*

My biggest fear is “FEAR”

*What is your favorite movie?*

Moana and Home {Animated movies but I love them and can watch a 100 times}

*If you could visit any place in the world where would you go?*

hmmm my list is long {Hawaii, Italy, canada, south asia: (Maldavies & korea) India, paris, Manhattan, Mexico alot more would be added once I start exploring.

*What do you have to say to other people who wants to be like you?*


Your Dreams are valid, No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” In as much as There are many great people out there, don’t ever lose yourself trying to be anyone, you are your only spec

Sign out:

Truthfully I won’t be here without God, I am forever grateful. To the CEO of Tripleoentertainment Mr Dapo I can’t thank you enough for being selfless and always being there, you bring yourself to our level just to have a better work environment, thank you I am glad to be a part of this family.

To my grandmother for raising an amazing human, I love you Thank you my true supporters for your encouragement, criticism, and prayers, it means alot to me . To my queens that work, talk and listen to me like sisters, I love you all and I pray we all keep progressing.

Thank you for being true Queens ….. Thank you …..media for having me , it was a beautiful moment, May all your works continually yield greatness

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