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18+: 10 Stupidly Things All Women Want in Bed

Everybody has different taste in bed, but there are a few things that are pretty universal. If you want to make sex better for your partner, start here. 1. A partner invested in my pleasure too. A woman is not your hand, a fleshlight, or…

18:+ 5 Easy Rules Daters Should Live By

The weekend. Sigh. I worked on my novel for most of it. Last Monday, my agent told me she thought I should revise the manuscript a leeetle bit more before she sends it out to editors (who are the one with the power to "buy" the book,…

18+: Here’s why she won’t have sex with you

Whether you're dating, married, or just met, here are some clues to help you figure out why—and how to fix the problem. You’ve probably heard the claim that men think about sex every seven seconds. While that frequency (more than 500…

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