Chinmeri victory Ezeanya also known as vicky King Release Sensational Photos

Chinmeri victory Ezeanya

We shared a few laughs with a good conversation in between, and yes, it was a thrilling experience. It felt good finally finding a selfless being whose thread of reasoning is an open box of ideas and is willing to actively change, not just the beautiful people around her but as well as the world.

At this point, I ’re probably wondering who it might be, perhaps a few guesses here and there. Not to , we’re just about to let the cat out of the bag.

It was a beautiful Friday morning and we had a sit-down with a brilliant young lady, smart and intelligent, an ideologist model, actor and entrepreneur made from Nigeria, A young lady who has one way or the other influenced the average woman positively. Its time you met her too.

In a brief talk with BU40 she was able to tell us more about her self.

Chinmeri victory Ezeanya also known as (),was born in ibadan and raised in Enugu state, she’s from Enugu-ukwu in Anambra State.

She began her modeling career professionally in the year 2018. Operating as a freelance artist, she specializes in commercial and facial modeling, amongst other form of art that falls under her multi talent portfolio. Such as, oap, musician, acting and film making.

In 2020, she sets out to start her YouTube Channel with the goal of been recognized on the biggest of stages and reaching out to a larger audience through her craft.

Watch this space for an with Vicky King. You can hook up with Vicky King @vickykingofficial

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