#EndSARS Protest: ‘Reform Our Gun Law’ – Singer, Asha Gangali Blows Hot

Singer, Asha Gangali

Singer and founder of Roc Da Mic Africa, Asha Gangali has waded into the ongoing # protest with a more intelligent position, as he called for gun reform law to allow qualified citizens to carry weapon and rifles to protect themselves against unwarranted harassment and intimidation by random criminals and trespassers.

Asha who is actively into the protest, told newsmen on Friday, October 16, 2020, that there are a number of common-sense measures that we implement to address the frequent attack of Police and other criminals who hide in their guise to storm our homes and violate persons and cart away properties.

He said:

“The uniform men in the identity of SARS have shattered too many lives. They have killed countless of tomorrow’s leaders who were harmless at those points.

“No one should be unsafe in their home, schools, or country, and laws ensuring that firearms are sold and used responsibly are an essential part of improving public safety.

“But instead of taking steps to live up to that responsibility, the self-vested cabals have shut down every attempt to pass a gun law reform.

“There are a number of common-sense measures that we can implement to address SARS brutality and keep our communities safe for real. Let the government strengthen background checks, fight gun trafficking, increase protections for victims of domestic violence, among other efforts.

“Guns have an important role in empowering people. As part of a system of checks and balances, armed citizens are an oversight mechanism and deterrent for any government, outfit, or agency considering tyranny, intimidation, or oppression.

“Most basically, the lawmakers must authorize research on gun violence so we can better understand the impact of this SARS epidemic on our country.

“We have a duty, not only to ourselves but to the rest of the world to keep our people armed and ensure the government is acting right, within the limits of the Constitution. If you don’t trust that the government will always do the right thing, then we as citizens must be armed.

“Therefore, I believe that we need massive reform on who can own and/or possess guns. Our country also needs criminal justice reform without mandatory minimums. So, when a trigger- police officer or an armed robber intends to strike, they will have it in my mind that their target is fully equipped to respond in the same frequency,” Asha said.

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