Exams In Nigeria Becomes More scary


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A friend told me this story some years ago. The friend graduated from one of the Universities in the South West, Nigeria.

He narrated there was a particular exam hall in his University that students preferred and always prayed to have their exams. The exam hall had tens of ceiling fans but over 90 percent of the ceiling fans were bad. People who understand the meanings of EXPO,FOTRON, CHIPS, ORIJO,EGUN, MICROCHIPS and other names students give exam cheats will understand the story better.

Students would paste ORIJOS on the fan blades a day before their papers and formed a FOTRON around the blades. Don’t ask me what is FOTRON? In the middle of exams, they would deceive invigilators with a pretense that they were cogitating and thinking deeply about the exam questions by looking up at the fan blades whereas they were looking at the ORIJOS.

He said there was a particular day one of the invigilators was not comfortable with the ventilation in the exam hall and he called for the school electrician. While an exam was going on, the electrician came in. Some students protested that the hall ventilation was normal and they were comfortable with it but the invigilator disagreed. Within 15 minutes, the electrician fixed over 80% of the fans most especially the ones cointaining ORIJOS and as the fan blades were oscillating the students in FOTRON formation were also oscillating their heads and it was as if all the students in the exam hall were dancing with their heads.

To be continued…

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