How To Boost Your Self-worth If Feeling Inferior

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Feeling Inferior
Many of us have once been, or currently in a situation or in an environment where we feel less important to some set of people. Sometimes we feel we are not up to standard, we feel we are below them, we feel we are not good enough. That’s what Low Self Worth means. It means that, the value we ourselves give to our self is very low. Like, we don’t value our self.

While some of our analysis about those people being better than us can be true, it is also crucial to know that those people you think are perfect have their loopholes and weakness. The only reason they seem to better than us is because they are able to put behind their defects and reflect their strength.

Not everyone you see on the stage smiling with the microphone in their hand are really confident, many of them also feel nervous inside. The thing is that they feel a high volume of confidence for themselves. How can you also give yourself a high value and confidence?

1. Love yourself

This might look somehow but there are people out there who don’t really love themselves. In a Tatiana Manaois song titled “Yesterday Everyday” she said, “It is dangerous to let somebody love you more than you love yourself.” To feel yourself, to value yourself, you need to love yourself. What I mean is, whether you look good or not, whether you sound good or not, whether you walk good or not, just love yourself the way you are. You can’t value something you hate.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others

Oh, this is pretty common among humans. From comparing looks, fluency, wealth etc. You should understand that people are different and we all come from a different background. Life is really hard on some people while some people get on pretty well with life. Unless you are using the life of the other person as a motivation, don’t compare yourself to them.

3. Get fit

This is a straight answer to people who feel less about themselves because of their looks, and guys who are worried about their walking style. In short, for anyone who feels they don’t look so good and those who think their walking steps are not good enough. Exercises like Pushups for men, Calf raises (Standing flat on your feet then go up and down slowly on your toes. You can place your palms on the wall for support) and jogging. Pushups have a significant effect on the chest and hand, calf raises works on your legs while jogging if for the whole body. You should start seeing a significant change on yourself if you do this regularly for a month.

4. Know that No one is perfect

Yeah, you’ve got flaws, I’ve got flaws, everybody’s got flaws. No one is perfect. We are bound to be very bad is a particular aspect of life even though we are good in many more areas.

5. Only try to change what you can

You just bought a new phone and you felt that some of the default settings don’t play well with you, then you changed them, cool! But you know, there are many other things you cannot change unless you are highly techy (knowing about Operating Systems and how to modify them.) The goes with life. You can change some things but there also tons of situations you cannot change no matter how hard you try. So, only try to change what is changeable.

6. Be happy with any achievement, whether big or small

One way to be happy is celebration. No matter how small, you don’t necessarily have to throw a party, recognizing that is an achievement and flashing a smile to yourself is enough. Be happy with yourself.

7. Help others

Even after helping lots of people and you still don’t feel your worth, those who received your help will surely feel your worth. Plus, when you’re down and they know about it, they’ll surely help back.

8. Believe in yourself

Don’t expect anyone to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. Even if your body is telling you can’t do it, listen to your mind that says it is possible. If you can think it, you can do it. Then go get it.

9. Know your weakness and develop your strength

This is two in one. First, know where you don’t perform well. When you know your weakness, you will know how to avoid situations that will put you in position where you will be weak. Also, if you know your weakness, you will be able to work on them, to make them your strength. The second, Develop your strength. Here, you should know what you are pretty good at and get better at them. When you know your strength, you’ll easily put yourself in position where you’ll be powerful, this can also make people not see your weaknesses.

10. Face your fears

This one should have a whole article for itself (I’m working on it). When your body says you can’t do it, your body don’t really know your limit, it only knows about the pain it will feel if you happen to fail. But your mind knows the possibility of your success, that’s why the thoughts controls the action. You think with your mind and performs actions with your body. The body will be afraid and try to dissuade you but don’t listen to it, listen to your mind instead and it will control your body.

11. Select a better friendship cycle

If your friends are the one who are always on the top and does nothing to bring you up with them, you might want to remove or replace them. Look for people you will always support and motivate you. However, the best is when you can motivate yourself.

12. Learn to say ‘No’

In simple terms, accepting every instructions whether you like them or not makes you look like a weakling or a vulnerable person. I’m not saying you should be arrogant or disobedient but, you should set a standard for yourself. Don’t just accept everything that comes. Don’t go against yourself for others, they will never love your more than they love themselves. Only do and accept things you really want to, don’t just go with their opinion. If your opinion is different from theirs, share it and show your disapproval in a polite manner.

13. Learn and master new skills

The more your skills, the more your abilities. It is as straightforward as that.

14. Careless about what others think

We most of the time make our decision on what other think / will think. I will to let you know that even if they feel sad for you when you make a mistake, they won’t share much of your regrets, you will be the only one to feel the regrets. So why work based on them when they won’t really suffer the emotional pains with you?

15. Look good and feel it

May you haven’t noticed that, whenever you dress good, you somehow feel good? And anytime your dressing is bad, you sort of feel less confident. This is to say, our dressing plays a huge role on our feelings. You don’t need to buy the trending cloth or purchase the most expensive cloth. But the ones you have, make them clean, neat and get those that needs to be straightened Ironed, eat well and make sure your top goes well with your skirt or trousers and your footwear. If you don’t know what to wear, black colored cloths seems to go well with many range of cloths. Any top with a black skirt or trouser and a black foot wears go quite well.

16. Failure is part of life, try again

Did you fail? Well try again until you succeed. Failure is part of life and is never the end until your death. If alive, you always have the chance to try again, so try until you succeed.

17. Don’t prove, learn

Is anyone saying something you know about but you feel like that’s not how to do it and you feel like you should stop them? Read carefully, this can happen in two scenarios. First, the person might not know how to do it but just trying. Second, the person might be teaching or explaining how to do it or how it is done.

In the first scenario, we can understand that the person don’t really know what he /she doing. Here, you can DECIDE to help. But in the second scenario, the person looks like he / she knows how to do it. Here, don’t interfere unless that person did it practically as a prove and failed. In this scenario, you should listen pay attention and don’t prove because there are many different ways to do a thing, there are many ways to reach a market. You might know about going to the market with a car, and another person can know about going to the market in a Helicopter. The goal of this point is to make you gather more knowledge to what you already know.

18. Become a mentor

Sometimes, becoming someone people look up to makes us more conscious of ourselves which makes us a better person. You won’t want to let them down and that will make you always want to be better.

19. Maintain positive thoughts

Our thoughts controls or reflects in our actions. That’s why a positive thinker will always be better than a person whose mind if full of negativity. If you actions are bad, change your thoughts. Look at the bright side instead of thinking of the impossibility. This is earth, nothing is impossible.

20. Be prepared

The best person for a task is the person who have done series of practice and has been prepared for the task. Before you jump into something, learn about it and practice. That will make you have some experience prior to the real day.

21. Reduce your vocal speed

People won’t want to listen to you if you always speak faster than they can understand. Know you listener(s) and adjust your speed accordingly. Also, the slower you speak, the more fluent and composed you’d look to others.

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