How to help a friend fight Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol Addiction

Are you aware of the dangers of alcoholism but have a friend or a relative who can’t control their intake of alcohol?

Alcoholism is the usage of alcohol excessively until te drinker loses control of themselves.

Taking alcohol moderately might not produce high health risk, but taking it excessively in a repetitive manner can be really dangerous to the health. This is also called Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

These dangers of alcoholism can range from losing one’s control, several health disorder, total dependency on alcohol, lack of confidence etc.

You may know, or may not know whether that friend of yours is tying to stop this risky havit. Often times, many alcoholics try to control their addiction but failed, and that’s why you support is needed.

Like they say, two heads are better than one.

So, how do you get started?

Helping a friend fight alcoholism

1. Talk to the about it

You first need to approach them calmly about this matter. Try to know whether they want to stop. You should know that only they themselves wants to stop it, you can’t force them to. So, approach them in a friendly manner and open a discussion on their drinking ability, the reason why they drink uncontrollably.

2. Tell them the side effects in a concerned way

Unless they know that they are doing something bad, they won’t have the idea to change their ways. You don’t have to scare them here, just let them know what can happen to them should they continue to do this on and on.

3. Be sure they want you to help them

This is very important. Unless they want you to help them, if you keep on trying to make them want to stop, they will see you as a nosy person. You may have to be their friend first.

4. Try to know their schedule

When you know their schedule, you’ll know their drinking time. Then you can sometimes show up to interrupt their drinking.

5. Make them promise that they would stop or reduce their intake whenever you ask them to

This step is really helpful if you want to have some level of control over their own will. They can easily decide to ignore you, but when you remind them that they already agree to stop when you ask them to, they will listen to you.

6. Keep them company when you are free

Since you don’t drink like they do, you presence can stop them from continuing in the act. Don’t always maintain a serious face, play and joke with them. Keep them company, with them about other things too. This can temporarily shift their attention away from the bottle on the table.

7. Make them reduce their alcohol intake until they no longer drink

A ten thousand mile journey starts with a step, take it a step at a time. You can start by reducing a cup, until they can reduce a bottle way down until it’s only one bottle. A bottle reduces to a cup, until… not even one cup. Just take it slowly with them.

8. Be patient

This whole process can go on from a month to years, you have to be patient with them, dealing with addiction is not easy and quick.

9. Pray for them

Whether you believe or not, prayer works, talk to God about them, and ask God for help on their behalf and he, God will make the processes simpler.

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