I Don’t Have Any Mentor In Nigeria Music Industry – Exclusive Interview With Chxxx


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On this episode of NUBUNKeMIX , we bring to you an exclusive interview with “No Comments crooner” Chxxx who is steadily on the rise to become one of the unique talents that the Nigerian music industry has seen in recent times.

The singer is prepared to take his fans and music lovers on an adventurous ride with his new single “NO COMMENTS REMIX” featuring one of Nigeria and Africa rapper, Bluwy.

Sit back and relax as we take you through this exciting and exclusive Interview with Chxxx as he share with us the pain, gain and hustle behind his success.

NUBUNKeGIST: Tell me about yourself

I love music. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Canada when I was 16. I am now based in Toronto.

NUBUNKeGIST: What made you venture into music?

I started off listening to and freestyling rap, then started producing my own music on FL Studio when I moved to Canada and the one beat CD I had got scratched. I started to write my own songs because I wasn’t hearing what I needed to hear on my records from artists I was collaborating with at the time.

NUBUNKeGIST: Who is your mentor in Nigeria music industry?

I don’t really have anyone as far as mentors go. If I had to look up to one person in the entertainment industry it would be my mother. She is the definition of hard work and started off from as a secretary at NTA, eventually working her way up to a regional general manger while earning a law degree along the way. Talk about starting from the bottom.

NUBUNKeGIST: What is your inspiration?

My inspiration is my desire to use my God given talent to do good in this world. I wish to use my music as a positive tool to inspire and lead the youth in the right directions in life.

In terms of musical inspirations, I was huge fan of King Sunny Ade’s music when I was a kid. The energy in it was infectious and it always made me dance. Also his unique approach to music is something that allows his songs to be timeless and trance and generations. These are the same hopes I have for my music.

NUBUNKeGIST: Who is your favourite musician?

My favourite musician always vary from time to time. I think Damien Marley is one of the grater musicians on the planet right now. Pierre Bourne who is Playboi Carti’s producer also has a really nice sound at the moment. I do enjoy British rap – Stormzy is really nice with it. As far as what I listen to now, you can find me jamming to a mix of old school from Evelyn Champagne King down time Atlanta trap from artists you might have never hear of before. I’ve also been getting into a lot of Vietnam rap recently.

NUBUNKeGIST: What makes you different from the artistes?

I use no profanity in my music. I make sure my music is presentable in all occasions and can be enjoyed by all generations. I include inspirational messages in my music which keeping it hype and fun at the same time, a fine balance that I have not seen anyone in the game currently produce.

NUBUNKeGIST: What is the different between an artiste and a musician?

Haha this sounds like an English question. Wait let me Google it.

NUBUNKeGIST: What was the hardest sacrifice you had to make when preparing for this race?

Sacrificing my sleep. I love sleep. Oh well.

NUBUNKeGIST: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself established with my production company, Lit Hill Productions as a great mentor of young aspiring artists, using all my experiences and knowledge garnered along the way to change lives for the better.

NUBUNKeGIST: What do you do apart from being a singer/rapper ?

I am a very creative individual. Anything that involves creation draws me in. I design websites as well as graphics. I am also highly involved in video directing and editing. I recently launched my production company and have been channeling my love for fashion into the creation of a merchandise line which we will be launching at my album release party for “King of the Jungle”, September 10 in Toronto. I write philosophy as well as hope to publish a book in the near future.

NUBUNKeGIST: Why do you think that people have a negative image of artiste in diaspora ?

This one is new to me. I would welcome the opportunity to have a discussion to understand what this negative image is, where it stems from and what we can do to change the stereotypes. I believe it may have to do with a perceived loss of control, where the gatekeepers and older generations feel the youth use the opportunity of being overseas and out of reach of elders guidance to behave reckless and put negative messages in their music.

NUBUNKeGIST: Tell us about the challenges that you have experienced so far and how you overcame it.

I have experienced betrayal, self-doubt and attacks from my haters. I am able to overcome by believing in myself, working hard at my craft, setting high standards for myself and turning all negativity into positive motivation.

NUBUNKeGIST: How do you combine your normal life and your celebrity life?

It’s all one life baby! Gotta live it up to the fullest and make sure everything you’re doing is good and they’ll begin to complement each other. Put God first in all you do and put others before yourself, that would really help one out with their relationships especially.

NUBUNKeGIST: If you could have the powers of any superhero what would it be?

I already have one – telekinesis – I can move the crowd :).

NUBUNKeGIST: If you could only have one wish, what would you wish for?

Love would never end, it would just begin.

NUBUNKeGIST: Any female crush? And if you re to spend one night with her who will she be?

Haha I already got mine – and gentlemen don’t kiss and tell.

NUBUNKeGIST: If you re to feature one foreign artiste, who will it be?

This is the one question I am always unable to answer. Whoever God sends my way.

NUBUNKeGIST: What is your biggest fear?

I learned to overcome fear, this is one of the biggest challenges I had to overdone before I could be myself and also inspire others to be themselves too. My biggest fear was myself. Not anymore.

NUBUNKeGIST: What is your favorite movie?

Interstellar. I’m a sucker for anything space related but I really like the intersection with philosophy in this movie and how everything ties together at the end. A must watch film which will change your understanding of life.

NUBUNKeGIST: Best food?

Eba and egusi soup. Can’t get enough.

NUBUNKeGIST: If you could visit any place in the world where would you go?

I love Italy. Have been there twice already and would return in a heartbeat. Florence is beautiful and so is Venice. The way they preserve the ancient culture there is impressive and the art collections are something to see. I would love to take a tour of Asia to eventually to meet my fans in Vietnam and see the sights of Singapore, Thailand plus enjoy the food in Malaysia.

NUBUNKeGIST: What do you have to say to other people who wants to be like you?

Keep working hard. Believe in yourself. Discover and rediscover who you are everyday. Self assess. Keep your intentions pure and good. Pray and trust in God. Dreams manifest. Stay lit!

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