Meet Samantha Adesua, a Sickle Cell Warrior and founder of Voice of Adesua Sickle Cell Foundation


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Samantha Adesua

Samantha Adesua is a Sickle Cell patient who has taken it upon herself to be a voice to so many people living with sickle cell. She has over the years been going about Educating people about the disease and going further to be an inspiration to Warriors all over the world. Her foundation Voice of Adesua has over the years supoorted sickle cell warriors with routine drugs and some food items.

To celebrate this year’s World Sickle Cell day, our team spoke to the founder of Voice Of Adesua Sickle Cell Foundation, Samantha Adesua. Samantha, a mother of one lets us in on how she has been coping with sickle Cell and going the extra mile of running her foundation.

Below is our exclusive interview:

Can we meet you ma..?

My name is Samantha Adesua Esangbedo. C.E.O. VOICE OF ADESUA SICKLE CELL FOUNDATION.A native of Edo state, from Esan to be precise.

Tell us more about Sickle Cell..

Sickle cell disease is a multi-organ disease. A genetic blood disease that can only be inherited from a parent to a child or passed from a parent to a child.

Its mostly common with people of the African descendants , because it’s actually pressured to be a tropical disease but however recently due to mutation of genes we can also find it among some people who are not fully African descents.

When did you realize you had sickle cell?

I grew up knowing that I have sickle cell because my mum kept on educating me and telling me what it is that makes me fall sick . So as early as 6/7. I knew the name sickle cell disease

How was your childhood like living with sickle cell, what were the challenges you faced?

As a warrior, my childhood was very challenging. Always in and out of the hospital, infact the hospital was my first home before my house. I missed school alot. Could not play like other kids did, Had to do separate tests in school. Infact childhood was a horrible experience. However my mum was always by my side to lighten the pains and just be by me.

How has Sickle Cell affected your life?

Negatively but I try to make the best out of it. Just staying positive and holding on. Hopeful

It also drew me closer to God , made me do research about it too. Curiosity

Whats your major achievement living with Sickle Cell?

Well I can’t really rate that myself, because it’s a life time passion of labour. Creating awareness bout the disease to those who do not really understand what this disease is about. Alot of misconception about sickle cell especially in the rural areas where they assume sickle cell is witchcraft or a spiritual thing. So many needy warriors in the community, that is also another of my priority. That is why I say my achievements are still far fetched but it’s one day at a time. I can’t rate my achievements now.

What do you do for a living?

A cinematographer, a writer , a visionary.. I’m a warrior without borders.

When was Voice Of Adesua Sickle Cell Foundation Formed?

I started Voice Of Adesua Oct 4th 2018 but it became a foundation in February 2019.

What Prompted you to Setting up a Foundation?

I had no plans or intention to start a foundation. All I did was speak and create awareness. Actually friends registered the foundation because they believe in what I was and I’m still doing to date. That is creating awareness on sickle cell disease.

Samantha Adesua

What will be your advice to people living with Sickle Cell?

They shouldn’t remain faceless,voiceless,or useless. Every sickle cell warrior is a legend with a great purpose. We are unique and should not see our challenges as limitations. However, in between we as warriors should always know we are not in any competition with any other warrior or perhaps a non warrior. So we have nothing to prove to anybody but to ourselves. Show love , take the mask of shame away from our faces and realise we matter to the world and to ourselves.

Nice Talking to Ma, more grace as you go further in life..

Thank You Too….Amen!!

For Further Enquiries on Sickle Cell, you can reach Samantha Adesua and Voice of Adesua Sickle Cell Foundation on social media via:

Facebook: Voice Of Adesua

Instagram: @voiceofadesua

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