Prince Chuks Enyaosah A Lagos Base Promoter Opens Up On Dj Chascolee Fruad Allegation

Prince Chuks Enyaosah Vs Dj Chascolee
My name is Chuks Enyaosah, I am the chief admin Of and CEO of Nubunk Media. Nubunk is an online promotional company that is focused on music / Video Promotion, Content Distribution, Event, Marketing, advertising.. ETC.

It has been brought to my notice that Mr Egbom Chibuike popularly known as DJ Chascolee, a radio Dj who is based in Enugu and works with Solid FM in Enugu, is broadcasting false information about my brand and name being a scam and fraud, claiming that I duped him.
This is a Defamation of character and I am here to address that and to also point out Dj Chascolee’s dubious attitude, greed, and breach of trust.

Few months ago Dj Chascolee called me and told me to help him promote a musical content of an artiste “” which the content is title .
The promotional package includes blog promotions, digital stores and TV distribution in which the audio promotion was to come first.
After all said and done, we commenced with the promotion of the Audio which was done successfully and delivered to him.

Weeks later, Mr. Egbom Chibuike (DJ Chascolee) called to tell me that the video of the song was ready and we discussed and reached an agreement to promote the video on Soundcity television, so after discussing with my team we agreed on 250,000 Naira.

But upon preview of the video content we discovered that the video was not upto the standard of the TV station so I called Dj Chascolee, explained to him and sent back his 250,000 through My wife’s account.

I also noted some changes he has to make on the video and he said he will get back to me after to talking to the artiste.

Two weeks later Dj Chascolee called and told me that some correction had been made on the video so we should proceed with the video promotion, base on that fact that I ve started the promotion from the onset we decided and preceded with the promotion.

At the end we concluded on two TV stations which is Soundcity and African Magic station and we reached a total agreement of 300,000 Naira for the both stations.

After 10 days of reviews, the TV station started the airplay of the music video In which I called Dj Chascolee that the video is up and running but it can only be played on pop-up programmes due to the quality of the video. I also give him a schedule of the video air play which is to run by morning and evening.

But Dj Chascolee was not sanctified with it and after a period of time he started asking for refund which I made it clear to him that it will not be possible because the job is up and running.
Ever since then Dj Chascolee has been threatlimg me, threatling to kill me, to kill my family, to deal with me physical and spiritual, claiming to be a bad boy, He has also been giving different people my contact number to threaten me on phone, some claimed to be reverend father, his spiritual father, lawyer, men, herbalist and Cultist.
They have sent me all kinds of threatling , calls which I have the evidence of it all.

He has also been threatling me on what’s app messages and so on. Recently some one called me claiming to be searching for me in my office at Omole.

I have all evidence of our transactions, the screen munch and video clips of the the video been played, all evidence of his threat, evidence of the SMS sent to me by anonymous claiming to calling on behalf of Dj Chascolee.

He has been sending my pictures, family pictures threatling to deal with us. This action forced me to make a formal report to pen cinema police station and also a legal report through my lawyer, Barrister Kingsley.

I want the public to know that I never dupe, scammed Dj Chascolee neither did I absconded with his money which he has been claiming through the publication made on his blog site and i also want to informed who ever that is publicizing this report to take it down cus this case is already with the right authorities or else such person will face the law

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